Company History


Company History:

Although DAE Industries was officially created in 2011. Nina Koch has been working towards her company vision since 2002 when she purchased her first dance studio.  Since then the dance studio has grown exponentially and the business has expanded beyond solely offering dance classes. The goal of DAE is to give opportunity to children and adults who have a passion for performing arts. 

A note from DAE CEO Nina Koch:

"I grew up in San Jose, CA, where opportunities to experience performing art were abundant.  They were easily accessible whether you wanted to be a student, performer or spectator.  When my husband and I moved to Brentwood in 2000, I saw a need for more performing arts opportunities in our small town.  I purchased my first dance studio in the summer of 2002, and ever since then I have made it my goal to share my passion for dance, music and theater with as many children and adults I can.  All of the staff at DAE are committed to creativity, growth and inspiring the community through performing arts."


Company Description:

DAE Industries Inc is an arts education and entertainment company.  We inspire and provide opportunity to children and adults through our classes, teacher education,  instructional videos, performances, competitions, camps and fashion.